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For nearly 30 years, Professional Risk Management Services, Inc. (PRMS) has managed medical malpractice claims, suits and events for individual physicians, groups and facilities on a nationwide basis. We also have a proven track record in providing litigation and claims management services to risk retention groups, physician purchasing groups, reinsurers and insurers. We are proud to have managed over $622 million in risk exposures.

Our commitment is to maximize our client's legal position as well as safeguard their reputation through our prompt investigation, sound evaluation and proactive resolution tactics. Insurers and reinsurers consistently recognize us for our legal cost containment efforts and positive case resolution results.

What PRMS Can Do for You

We can provide you with a comprehensive claims management package that best suits your needs and your budget. Because our services can be delivered on a bundled or unbundled basis, we can provide you with recommendations and solutions that fit your unique situation. From regulatory reporting and coverage consultations to trial monitoring and reserve adequacy audits, we have you covered.

Skilled Staff

Our staff is a unique group of professionals with decades of combined experience in the fields of medicine, law and insurance. We understand that the unique characteristics of professional liability claims (i.e., more complex facts; more complex laws; more complex insurance coverage issues) require a more experienced, more knowledgeable and a more capable claims examiner.

Innovative Technology

We recognize the importance of collecting, maintaining, analyzing and understanding a client's claims experience data. Our claims information system was designed and developed by our in-house IT Department in direct coordination with the claims staff. This system is capable of meeting requirements required by insurance carriers and also provides ad hoc reporting capabilities that can be tailored to each client's specific needs, thus helping to track trends and exposures.

Nationwide Network of Panel Counsel

Our network of experienced defense attorneys works with our in-house professionals to provide timely, effective and locally-based legal advice and representation. This arrangement allows clients access to intimate knowledge of venues and legal climates. Every firm on our nationwide panel has demonstrated expertise in defending malpractice actions and many of them have worked with us since the inception of PRMS. We work closely with our clients to determine and to evaluate which attorney is the best fit to work with them on the defense of their claim.

Client-Specific Expertise

We specialize in superior, client-specific and cost-effective services while maintaining the highest professional standards. We encourage you to contact us to find out how our claims services can work for you and how we can develop a unique package of services designed to meet your needs.

For more information, contact us at (800) 245-3333 or e-mail.


We Provide...

Claims Services:

  • Claims and litigation management
  • Independent audits
  • Consultation services, analysis and negotiation of complex medical malpractice claims

Claims Article

Major Components of a Medical Malpractice Trial

Major Components of a Malpractice Trial and Related Risk Management Tips

From the summons and complaint through the closing statements, we provide information on each step of a medical malpractice trial and risk management tips that correlate with each.

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