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Premium FAQs

Coverage With The Psychiatrists' Program

Q. I am about to submit my completed application and I want to pay my premium in full without financing. When do I send in my payment?

A. The application includes a premium remittance form that will direct you to choose either full premium payment or financing. Please indicate that you wish to pay full premium and return the remittance form with your completed application. An invoice indicating your premium due will be sent to you upon underwriting approval of your application. Please note: your policy will not be considered active until the full payment is received. In the meantime, you can contact (800) 245-3333 to receive a premium quotation.

Q. Is premium financing available?
A. Yes. Premium financing is available through Imperial PFS (IPFS), a national premium finance company with competitive finance rates. If you choose to finance your annual premium no payment is due at the time your application is submitted. Please indicate on the Premium Remittance Form included with the application that you are interested in premium financing and return your completed application to:

The Psychiatrists' Program
c/o PRMS, Inc. Sales Department
1401 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22209

Once your application has been underwritten you will receive a Premium Finance Agreement Disclosure Statement (PFA) outlining payment terms. This contract will include your specific payment information; therefore, please do not remit any payment until you have received the financing contract from our office.

Please sign and return the PFA with the required down payment indicated on the contract. (Please note that coverage cannot be bound until your premium down payment and your signed finance contract are returned to our office.) A signed agreement is not required in all states. Please ask us if an agreement is required in your area.)

Q. What are my billing options through IPFS?
A. IPFS provides three ways for you to make payments:

  • Monthly invoice: An invoice will be mailed to you 25 days prior to your due date, accompanied with a return envelope and IPFS's lock box address.

  • Coupon booklet: A pre-printed booklet will be mailed to you immediately with numbered coupons for each month your premiums are due.

  • ACH Direct Debit: Once a month your installments will be deducted automatically from your checking account on the due date of your premiums. IPFS will need a signed ACH agreement and a voided check.

The paperwork from IPFS will provide instructions on how to choose one of these payment methods.

For more information about The Program call (800) 245-3333 or use our online information request form.


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With The Psychiatrists' Program, you have more than a policy; you have the support of a full service medical professional liability insurance program.

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