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PRMS Residents' Education Program (PREP)

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PREP Overview

As a leader in proactive risk management education, we are pleased to offer a unique educational program - PREP, at no charge, to groups of psychiatry residents, especially those nearing the completion of their professional training.

PREP, the PRMS Residents' Education Program, provides an overview of practice-related risk management issues -- topics which often are not formally addressed during the course of residency training. Psychiatrists who will soon be making critical decisions about their own professional liability protection need to be familiar with these concepts.

The PREP course has been developed to meet the needs expressed by Residency Training Directors. Furthermore, the material in this program supports ACGME competencies (System-Based Practice and Interpersonal and Communication Skills).

PRMS has provided PREP courses to various residency programs for over ten years. Learning from our vast experience handling claims against psychiatrists, and calls to our risk management helpline, we have amassed a unique body of knowledge which forms the basis of our efforts to teach specific ways for psychiatrists to lower malpractice risk.

We are available to provide the following course which is open to residents, fellows and attending physicians:

Course Goal

To educate psychiatrists to make decisions about protecting themselves, their practice, and their patients from medical professional liability risk.

Risk Management Topics Covered Include:
  • Elements of a medical liability claim
  • Recurrent medical professional liability risks for psychiatrists
  • Essential risk management strategies to manage those risks
  • Anticipating and responding to emerging risks in psychiatry practice


There is no fee for residency programs or residents.

About PRMS

PRMS has over 25 years experience developing and managing medical professional liability insurance programs for physicians, healthcare professionals and organizations. PRMS is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

PRMS Program Faculty and Planners include:
  • Donna Vanderpool, MBA, J.D., Vice President, Risk Management
  • David Cash, J.D., LL.M, Assistant Vice President, Risk Management
  • Ann McNary, J.D., Senior Risk Manager

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Two Top Liability Risks for Psychiatrists: Patients with Suicidal Behavior and Psychopharmacology

Patient suicides may trigger the most lawsuits, but according to PRMS data, cases with the largest verdicts or settlements don't involve the death of a patient, but significant and permanent physical and neurological damage requiring lifelong care.